The new wave of taking photos at events; the roaming photo booth

The rise of social photo booths at events in 2010 meant that brands could gain a better reach through social photography, providing better entertainment and useful features for their audiences.

As the photo booth phenomenon evolved to the point where in 2018 the majority of weddings, engagements, birthdays and corporate events considered this form of entertainment a base necessity, so too did the technology behind the service.

Introducing, the roaming photo booth. One such Sydney based service known as Undisposable saw a need in the market to engage guests on a more personal level rather than just asking them to pose in a booth. Instead, polaroid cameras are passed around the venue so that guests can take photos of each other (and retain memories of the event guests, backdrops, styling and sentiment) and print them at the booth.

The quality of reviews on Google is arguably one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO according to SEO Analyst Zoe James at Leverage Marketing. The professionalism and growth of a business online is one way in which the Social Edit team determines whether or not to work with a brand. Good business sense, often means a good service. When a potential client scans the search results for a local product or service in Google, reviews provide credibility and essentially more clicks. Undisposable holds a 4.9 Google review rating and a 5/5 for Facebook.

From a personal event perspective

The Social Edit team worked with Undisposable for a Bridal Shower of one of our writers and particularly selected a roaming photo booth because simply, it hadn’t been done before. It’s new, fresh, and a contemporary 2018/2019 approach to personal entertainment. The guests were essentially left feeling as if they were part of the experience as the cameras made their way around the venue, then returning to print their goods!

From a corporate perspective

While this form of entertainment was a no brainer personally, how can a brand leverage roaming photo booths like Undisposable in order to generate a return on investment.

Branding and Hashtags – the printing booth allows you to customise the polaroid your guests take home and thus your branding and event hashtag can be displayed, leading to greater brand recognition and the potential of further social reach.

Finally if you are hosting influencers at your corporate events, they are more likely to take photographs using a unique form of entertainment like a roaming booth which provides them with unique content to share with their audience. Influencers like Drew Barrymore, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have Instagrammed their Museum of Ice Cream experiences which sold out in less than 90 minutes in their San Francisco location.

Essentially, Australia has seen a wave of new entertainment in the form of roaming booths which we argue is a more intimate and inclusive way of capturing quality memories at both your personal and private events.

Still to come

The Social Edit team is all about creating long-lasting impressions at events, in fact, this is what most of our writers do as work! Stay tuned for some more clever finds including a custom created candle company, interesting giveaway products, how to use balloons to make an impression and more!

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