Sweet, Sweet Jurlique

From feminine rose-like fragrances to impeccable and luxurious branding, we revelled in the opportunity to trial + pick our favourite Jurlique products.

Having begun in Adelaide Hills in the 1980s, the longevity of this brand’s reputation was the part of Jurlique we were first drawn to – now available in more than 19 countries worldwide.

It’s also worth noting that Jurlique is a brand for those who don’t mind fragrances as their products are jam packed with beautiful scents derived from natural essential oils. The components of their fragrances are extracted from distillation, expression and solvent extraction methods.

That lil* farm where Jurlique began still exists, and some of the natural ingredients present in their range are still picked from there to create certain products. A farm we wouldn’t mind retiring early in.

So off we went spatulas, luffas, spoons and fingers, trialing and testing.

Balancing Foaming Cleanser + Herbal Recovery Foaming Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse

At first we were a little skeptical regarding cleansers that foam/mousse up as they have a sneaky reputation for drying out the skin. The beauty of the above two products is that instead of watering up into a foamy nothingness, they are enriched with an oil texture. The Herbal Recovery Mousse specifically is rich and silky.

Out of the two we’d select the Balancing Foaming Cleanser for morning use and the Herbal Recovery Cleansing Mousse for a rich nightly make-up removal routine.

Both available here for $42

Calendula Lavender Hydrating Essence

This product is truly something special. As a cleansing pre-treatment it applied well on our sensitive skin. To activate this baby we poured some drops of Calendula into hot water, soaked a towel into the steamy water and pressed across the face for a soothing feel. Desensitized skin, opened pores – there was nothing more or less complicated about it.

Available here for $45

Daily Exfoliating Cream

At first glance you’d think the Daily Exfoliating Cream was a homemade remedy mixed with oats/seeds/carrots and everything else from the kitchen pantry. Non-granular and deeply cleansing – this cream was one we added to our permanent skincare kit. Lifted dead skin cells and produced a smooth and textured finish to the skin.

Available here for $60

Rose Silk Finishing Powder

A silky powder designed to restores balance. We used this powder in a variety of ways, specifically to pat down shiny make-up throughout the day (we used a different sponge for this) and after moisturising on oily nights.

Available here for $45

Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask + Intense Recovery Mask

The Jurlique Recovery Mask is a light gel texture – it’s easy to remove and left us feeling hydrated. The Intense Recovery Mask was also applied easily and looked/felt almost mud-like. This mask meant business. Both masks should be used for different purposes and we couldn’t choose between the two – the gel mask is perfect for ongoing and soothing use and the intense mask is for deep nourishing and recovery. We’ll be masking away soon.

Both Available here for $80

Amongst the abundant and wide range of products on the Jurlique website we managed to narrow the one’s that assisted us with our skincare routine the most above. From cleansing to masking to spritzing that Rosewater mist… we’re newly established fans.

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