Pre Winter Beauty Favourites: May

The cold is just beginning to grace Australia and admittedly we don’t do well with weather change here. In a solid Winter clean, I dug up some old finds from goodie bags and those sent to our PR office and compiled what I’m loving this May as pre-winter beauty favourites. 

Most winter beauty favourite lists include skincare products although since my skin regime is pretty trial and error and I’ve been testing The Ordinary consistently I wanted to showcase products that I was actually impressed with this month and have used daily.

Winter Beauty Favourites: Clinique, Evy Professional

Clinique Beyond Perfecting – $52

I received Clinique Beyond Perfecting in a goody bag a couple of years ago and never cracked it open until I forgot where I left my other two foundations (we typically use Too Faced and Nars). I find that with long days and largely due to my dehydrated skin I need to spend extra time hydrating my face to avoid flakiness after a few hours. So when I used the Clinique foundation (and “concealer in one”) I was very impressed by its moisturising qualities. I’ve been using this foundation every day since, and my skin feels breathable, no flaking and even outlasts a good gym session. I also love the applicator – it’s an angled and soft wand. Hoping this foundation suits many colours (it comes in 22 shades) as it’s excellent for yellow undertones.

Evy Professional Styler – $269

The brand Evy sent me their products and their Professional IQ Styler recently and I’ve been taking this baby with me as my additional wand after the gym and on our frequent road trips. This straightener reaches 210º C within 40 seconds (adjustable temperature between 120º to 220º C) and I’ve admittedly burnt my arm a few times – hah – although it’s super fast for on-the-go and I’ve been enjoying its ease of use.

Germaine de Capuccini, Absolute Light  – $57

I’ve been using this highlighter daily also, both under and over the the Clinique foundation (depending on how I feel!). This highlighting balm is very thin and smooth. It brightens where applied and has a beautiful sheer glow to it.

Overall I’ve been enjoying these 3 products as part of my daily go-to this month and given the swift change in cold weather and it being an arguable busy season for PR they’ve been very worthy finds!

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