We’ve made the switch: Insulated Kabi Bottles

Kabi Bottles: Water in our world involves a mad dash to the nearest Woolworths before the gym looking for any Alkaline options available – sadly it’s not something that is given much brain space – so in a bid to drinking more water this year I came across Kabi Bottle on Instagram and thought they were worth a whirl.

Stainless Steel always feels clean and durable and the White Marble + Black Marble Kabi Bottles were just that – something that would stand the test of time amongst all those empty coffee cups on our car floor! They’re sleek in design and their marble pattern makes them feel somewhat luxe.

Kabi BottlesKabi Bottles

Aside from their good looks what really mattered to us was keeping our water cold and fresh and this is the biggest difference that’s been made by using the stainless steel over plastic. At home we filled them with cold filtered water and also emptied Alkaline Water into them when buying from the Woolworths fridges – the water remained cold for hours. One thing that we did notice when doing our research is something called “BPA”. Most plastics are made of long chain hydrocarbon molecules and so when they break down they release small amounts of monomer chemicals and ingredients – done more quickly when plastic is heated for example left in a car. Opinions vary on this and while we’ve still been buying bottled Alkaline it feels safer insulating it.

Kabi Bottles
Also for an avid tea drinker (we’re talking 4-5 cups per day) one thing I didn’t realise until we had Kabi Bottles were that they could hold tea *doh! This has been a game-changer as I’ve been carrying all sorts of teas in the Black Marble one all day during work and at night in bed and cold water in the White Marble. It’s been so easy to just pop our tea bags in and it stays hot all day! The only disadvantage I’d say here is that it literally stays hot so it takes a while until boiling tea is drinkable if you want to begin sipping right away (I just leave the lid off for a while). 
 We’ve pretty much got cold water + great tea covered for the next couple of months – let’s hope our skin thanks us for it!
Kabi Bottles
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