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We’ve always maintained that gifts for your guests at events are an essential part of entertaining and there are many ways you can do this. One way, addressed in a previous Social Edit article is through event favours or bomboniere. Another, is through interactive games and lucky door prizes and we’ve found some of the best companies that you can work with to achieve this.

1) Ellar Boutique

Ellar Boutique is a company born in NSW, providing some of the highest quality inclusions we’ve seen. They specialise in B2B transactions (corporate and business client gifts) however also sell their beautifully packaged gifts on their website Ellar Boutique.

There are many ways you can incorporate Ellar Boutique for personal events including, lucky gift prizes, door prizes or “find the sticker under your plate” type gifting. When selecting a business to work with, it also helps when the founder is meticulous and has great attention to detail – and this is most definitely the vibe we received when working with Ellar Boutique.

There are also many ways you can incorporate Ellar Boutique for Corporate events, such as sending branded products to influencers for social media posting, Christmas thank you’s or even when you land a new client/make a new significant sale.

The Social Edit marketing team has always stressed the importance of online reviews for converting sales and Ellar is one such brand that is succeeding in this department. Brands use client feedback to better serve customers and now more-so than ever, research (reviews) before they spend their money. This team has not only relied on the quality of their product however has also leveraged off this quality to maintain positive online good will.

2) Adorosa

Long lasting roses, which is what Adorosa specialises in, have also become a quality way of ensuring your gifts, indeed do last. Adorosa has always been inspired by the possibilities of real, preserved long lasting flowers.

Their team creates a variety of arrangements with roses, baby breath, hyrangea’s, carnations and more. The Diamond Rose Box is one of their best sellers for personal and corporate use, and this team uses diamond powder to ensure a long lasting sparkle.

The reason why the Social Edit team favour Adorosa is due to their background in design, marketing and traditional floristry which combines to ensure that their designs are innovative and at the forefront of new floral designs.

We asked Adorosa what they wanted their potential customer to know them for, and it was to be familiar with the fact that their flowers are indeed real, that have gone a preservation process with glycerine to stay hydrated. The flowers last for years and do not need watering.

Adorosa can be purchased via their website and Instagram.

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